Re-arrange the fields on a form using the Order property.

Add Form

To set the order of a field relative to other fields on a form:

  1. Login as Admin and click on the Admin icon.
  2. Click on the Fields link.
  3. Click on the Edit button to the left of a field.
  4. Enter a number into the Order property and click OK to save the change.

Global Field Order

Use a Different Order on Another Form

If you are using multiple forms, a field can have a different value in the order field on each form.

  1. Login as Admin and click on the Admin icon.
  2. Click on the Fields link.
  3. Click on the Forms button to the left of the field you wish to modify.
  4. Click on the form in which you want to change the order and click on the Edit button.
  5. UNcheck the "Use Global Field Properties" option at the top.
  6. Set the value of the Order property, then click OK to save the change.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for any other forms where you want to set the order of the field.

Per-Form Order

More information can be found in the Field Types & Properties section of the Online Help Guide.

Re-assign records and preserve the old user's actions when replacing a user.

Turnover is inevitable. When a user changes roles or leaves the company, it's best to add the replacement (if needed) before deleting the old user. This makes it easy to assign any active records to the new user while saving the information about actions performed by the old user.

Renaming Isn't Recommended

Renaming a user might seem easier, but it will cause confusion. When you rename a user, all of the actions performed by the old user will have the new user's name. So if someone asks the new user why something failed testing two years ago, they won't know the answer.

Here's the history of a record QA Two tested.

Before Renaming

Here's the same history after the user QA Two was renamed to be QA Five.

After Renaming

Recommended Method

To replace a user:

  1. Add the new user using the information in the Online Help Guide.
  2. Delete the old user using the steps in this Help section. The system will prompt you to select the replacement user for records assigned to the old user.

Select a Replacement

The history remains intact after deleting the user and selecting a replacement.

Preserved History

On-premises Tracker installations using Version 6.7.3 can apply a patch (download, installation instructions) to add support for Firefox browser versions 53 and newer. This patch is not needed if you are using Firefox ESR as it will keep version 52 as its baseline for at least the next 6 releases.

If you are using the cloud version of Tracker, no changes are needed as the patch has already been applied for you.

Ensure a value other than the default is selected in a pulldown field.

To force a user to select something other than the default value:

  1. Login as Admin and click on the Admin icon.
  2. Click on the Fields link.
  3. Click on the Items button to the left of the pulldown field you wish to modify.
  4. Click on the Add Item button.
  5. For the Item Label, enter a value called "-Select-" or "Please Select a Value" or something similar.
  6. Click OK to save it.
  7. Click on the Set as Default button to the left of the new option menu item you created.
  8. Click OK to return to the Fields list.
  9. Click on the Edit button to the left of the pulldown field.
  10. For Required on Add & Submit, select "Yes".
  11. Click OK to save the change.

When a user is filling out the Add or Submit form, the option you created in steps 4-6 will be displayed by default. The user will be required to select another option in the field in order to save a new record.

Prompt for Another Selection

For more information, please review the Pulldown Option Menu Items section of the Online Help Guide.

Longtime Tracker users and newcomers alike can make use of these suggestions for improving your workflow.

Edit vs. Task

Learn about these two ways of modifying records so you can decide whether to use one over the other or a combination. This blog post compares them.

Edit vs Task

Minimal Notifications

When it comes to email notifications, less is more. Set up email rules that only notify the necessary users. When users get too many notifications, they become inured to them and are less likely to take action.

Protect Large Text Fields

TextArea fields are fields that can hold lots of text (e.g. comments and conversations between users as a record moves through the worklfow). Take advantage of the features available for allowing users to add more information into the field while protecting existing data.

Protect Existing Text

Keep Required Fields to the Essentials

Be judicious with requiring fields when records are added. Balance the need for gathering information to resolve issues quickly with a desire to allow users to submit them easily. If a user gets bogged down with having to provide too much information on a form, the issue might go unreported.

Required on Add

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