If you maintain an on-premises installation of NetResults Tracker 6.7.3 or older, please upgrade to the latest version ( download, upgrade instructions ) as soon as possible.

Please upgrade so that your users can continue to access your NetResults Tracker installation with their preferred web browser as they are upgraded (many automatically).

Unless your users are running Internet Explorer or Firefox ESR they are either already being affected or soon will be affected by continued use of an out-of-date version of NetResults Tracker. The details for each supported web browser are below.

Mozilla Firefox 54+

Users who upgrade to Firefox 54+ (planned to be released June 13, 2017) will be unable to login until Tracker is upgraded.

More info: Firefox 53+ Support

Mozilla Firefox ESR 52+

While an upgrade is not required for Firefox ESR as it will stay on version 52 until at least Q1 2018, we do still recommend the upgrade to get the latest Tracker features and fixes.

Google Chrome 59+

Users upgraded to Chrome 59 will see an "unsupported web browser" warning. Users can login after clicking through the warning.

Users upgraded to Chrome 60+ (most likely released early July 2017) will be unable to login until Tracker is upgraded.

More info: Chrome 59+ Support

Apple Safari 10.1

Safari 10.1 users will be unable to login until Tracker is upgraded.

More info: Safari 10.1 Support

Microsoft Edge 15

Users upgraded to Edge 15 by the Windows 10 Creators Update should use NetResults Tracker 6.7.4 for the best experience.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

While an upgrade is not required for Internet Explorer 11 users, we do still recommend it to get the latest Tracker features and fixes.

Version 6.7.4 of NetResults Tracker has been released.

It adds support for the following web browsers:

  • Firefox version 53+ (Tracker 6.7.4 is required for use of Firefox 54+)
  • Chrome version 59+ (Tracker 6.7.4 is required for use of Chrome 60+)
  • Safari 10.1
  • Edge 15

Please review the 6.7.4 feature list for details.

Upgrade instructions and download information are available on the downloads page.

Add your logo, change the color scheme and use other options to customize Tracker to be consistent with with your brand.

Add Your Logo

Login Page with Logo

Add your logo to the Login Page using the Custom HTML text box. In the sample below, we've uploaded the logo image file as a global attachment and included the link in the HTML box.

Login Page Custom HTML

More information is available in the Login Page section of the Online Help Guide.

Change the Color Scheme to Match Your Web Site

Customize the colors to match the look of your web site in the Color Preferences section.

Color Preferences

Update the Page Title

You can update the Page Title property which shows up in browser tabs and bookmarks/favorites.

Customize Other External Facing Pages

The Submit Page and each page of the Knowledge Base (Search, Results, Item) can be customized with a logo, color preferences and page title properties described above. Please refer to the following Help sections for details:

Submit Page

Knowledge Base

Provide Custom Help Documentation

You can configure Tracker such that when a user clicks on the Help icon in the Button Bar it will direct them to your own Help documentation or any other link to guide their experience. Different links can be provided for Standard and Restricted users. Review the Help Options section for more information.

Customize the Tool Tip For the Task Icon

The Task operation is used to advance a record to the next step in the workflow. You can customize the tool tip for that icon to display terminology specific to your process.

Set the Task Icon Tool Tip in the General Preferences section.

Give your customers, partners or vendors the ability to check the status of their tickets at any time.

End users that need to monitor the progress of the tickets they've reported can make use of Restricted user accounts. Restricted users are automatically set up to show only them the tickets they've reported, preventing users from seeing tickets that belong to other customers or contain internal information. This is done without any extra set up by the Administrator.

Restricted User Home Page

You can customize the fields displayed on the Add Page and these can be different than what internal users see (e.g. have these user fill out fewer fields than internal users).

Restricted User Add Page

Provide options for these users to provide more information or close a request that's no longer needed.

Restricted User Transitions

Check out the following video for more information about Restricted Users.

Use a field to track how much time was spent working on an issue.

Perhaps you need to keep track of time spent by your developers or support / help desk engineers for billing purposes. This can be done using a Floating Point or Integer field.

Configure a Float or Int Field

Prompt users to fill in the time they spent when they mark an issue as completed.

Configure the Task Field

You can generate metrics with this data.

Average Fix Time Chart

For more detail on how to create this field, check out the Track Time Spent Knowledge Base article.